Arms Preservation Memorial Day Sale

Arms Preservation Memorial Day Sale

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Benefits of the Arms Preservation Bags over similar VCI bags:
• A.P.I. Storage Bags prevent rust for at least 5 years with constant monthly use and upwards of 10 years when rarely used such as once or twice a year. Similar bags at best will only last upwards of 2-3 years when rarely used.
• A.P.I. Storage Bags last longer due to the addition of a unique external barrier layer that only allows the VCI chemistry to be off gassed into the bag while also blocking moisture from the surrounding outer atmosphere.
• A.P.I. Storage Bags create a controlled micro environment rich with anti corrosion chemistry that also blocks the external atmosphere from permeating the VCI material which can occur with similar single layer VCI poly bags.
• A.P.I. Storage Bags also include preinstalled velcro closures that provide convenience as well as additional safety as they can withstand the weight of a firearm keeping ti safely secure inside the bag. Sim ilar bags use either a small
press to close zipper or require the use of zip ties or even a heat sealer to properly shut the bags.
• All raw materials are sourced in the US and bags are manufactured with American labor.
• Thick durable materials also provide additional ding and scratch protection in crowded safes, cages, or racks.

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