Infinity Targets Bundle Deals

Infinity Targets Bundle Deals

Infinity Defense is running a few special bundles right now on their self-healing rubber targets.

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Assault Bundle

2 of their famous Patent Pending Infinity Targets with zones plus 1 target in C-Zone configuration with CARVED standard USPSA zones! Now you no longer have to constantly draw zones as they are carved and still visible when painted over.

Infinity Target & Stand Bundle

A package ready to hit the range! All you need to do is hit your local hardware store and pickup 1×2 sticks and some spray paint.

A-Zone Infinity Targets Twin Pack

Keeping it simple. For you shooters who consistently put tight groups into small areas and don’t want to blow through full size Infinity Targets. Made of our reliable original Infinity Target material, its the perfect addition to your range kit. Each target has extra material built in for mounting and comes with one heavy duty spring clamp (2 per twin pack).

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