My Top Products Currently On Black Friday Sale

My Top Products Currently On Black Friday Sale

In just a couple seasons of hunting I've put a lot of products and gear to the test. Here are a few of my absolute favorite things that also happen to be on sale now for Black Friday.

Everything on this list is stuff I've purchased with my own money and currently use. 

Links are affiliate links, if available, and should you purchase I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I appreciate the support!

Peax Equipment

I'm a fan of just about everything from Peax. The function, quality, and customer service have all been top tier. Everything at Peax is 20% off for Black Friday. Use code PEAX20.

Storm Castle Gaiter by PEAX, Waterproof Hunting Gaiters

SISSY STIX Backcountry ELITE Cork Handle Trekking Poles by PEAX

Backcountry Duo Headlamp


You guys already know I'm all about the food. When it comes to cooking your meat PERFECTLY every single time, the trick is to monitor the internal temperature constantly. There is no better and more useful kitchen tool for the job than the Thermapen by ThermoWorks. Save 35% during the Black Friday sale!

Thermapen® ONE


I've been using a Jackery portable power station for years now. I highly recommend getting a smaller, super portable unit in addition to any large unit you might need. I haul my small one just about everywhere. Save $150 on the Explorer 500 during Black Friday.

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station
Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Wagan Tech

Everyone and their mother should have a vehicle battery jump starter. The days of worrying about if you have jumper cables AND another vehicle are over. Simply keep this Wagan Tech iOnBoost in your rig and you'll be good to self-jump whenever you need to.

iOnBoost™ V10 TORQUE

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