Peax Solitude Tipi Dyneema Version Incoming?

Peax Solitude Tipi Dyneema Version Incoming?

I was watching StHealthy Hunter's (Ryan Lampers) latest YouTube video of a Blacktail hunt in Alaska and something caught my eye.

It was a Peax Solitude tipi that had a much lighter, semi-transparent looking outer shell.

Now, while I am a Peax Equipment affiliate partner, I don't have any privileged insight into their products or new product development projects... BUT

Immediately I thought that this looked like dyneema fabric (DCF), an extremely lightweight and strong material common to ultralight backpacking gear. While I can't be 100% certain, I'd be willing to bet they were testing out a DCF version of the Solitude on this hunt.

Ever since the Peax Solitude tipi came out folks have been asking about a DCF version but, as far as I know, Peax hasn't specified if or when it might be coming. I do recall that in a recent Instagram comment they said it would not be coming this year.

From the looks of it though, a DCF version will be coming at some point (hopefully). Lampers, along with Brian Call are two YouTube-famous hunters and well-known Peax ambassadors and product testers. If a DCF tipi follows a similar release trajectory to other Peax products, the testing and iteration phase on prototypes can take some time. While we might get lucky and see a DCF Solitude in 2024, I don't think I'll be holding my breath. 2025 is a much more likely release year for this new product. That being said, Peax has a stove product in the works that is supposed to be released soon and there is a chance they'd announce the DCF tipi alongside that product as well. 

Personally, I think I'll hold out for the DCF version. It should shave a decent amount of weight while also having better performance against the rain. 

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