Say Hello to the Wild Food League

Say Hello to the Wild Food League

In 2021 I decided I wanted to learn how to hunt because I wanted to be responsible for the meat I was consuming, from field to table.

I was tired of [covid-era] grocery store meat shortages and I'd seen one too many factory farms first-hand to continue feeling OK about the cheap meat at the supermarket.

For me, it's always been about the food first.

That's why I'm so excited to announce the launch of the WILD FOOD league within the HuntLeague mobile app. 

I've been using HuntLeague for two years now and it's been a useful tool. Not only for logging and tracking my hunts, but also for connecting with a great group of hunters. I've made some incredible friends through the HuntLeague community.

With most hunting seasons coming to an end soon, I wanted to create a way for the community to continue to engage with each other while at the same time shifting the focus from the adventure of the hunt, to the true trophy; fresh, organic, free range wild game meat.

Through the WILD FOOD league, hunters are encouraged to celebrate their harvest by showcasing how they process their wild game, and how they create unforgettable meals for their friends and family.

By doing so they will not only be showing the world how important the meat is to them, but they will also have the change to win an incredible prize package from some very generous sponsors.

My hope is that this league helps to spread awareness that hunters truly care about the meat they harvest, and the animals that sacrificed their lives to provide it. The overwhelming majority of hunters that I interact with hunt to put meat in the freezer and food on their family's table. This is a tradition worth celebrating and protecting even if a person chooses not to hunt themselves.

If you do hunt, I hope to see you in the HuntLeague community soon as a part of the WILD FOOD league, sharing your processing tips, your favorite recipes, and your love of WILD FOOD.


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