Trout Fishing at Clear Lake

Trout Fishing at Clear Lake

Ahhhh trout fishing.

I have such fond memories from childhood of family camping trips to Central Oregon and fighting giant trout on the Deschutes River and its tributaries. We would spend hours upon hours with a simple rod, some live bait, and limited patience chasing beautiful rainbows and brookies.

As I got older, I started fishing less and less every year. Fast forward to the present day and it had been years since I pursued trout.

When I started Wild Food Outdoors, I knew it was time to revisit this former pastime. I posted on Facebook looking for suggestions for a solid trout fishing setup that would be ideal for backpacking and I was pleased to get a lot of great suggestions. A few weeks later I had a full setup in-hand and ready to rock and roll.

With a family camping trip planned to Clear Lake, Oregon, it was the perfect opportunity to put the setup to the test.

Clear Lake is an ice-cold lake in the Cascade Range of Central Oregon, fed by snow runoff that then takes 20 years to filter back up through the rock. The result is crystal clear water that is an absolutely beauty to behold.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife stocks the lake regularly with rainbow trout, so it's a great destination for new and experienced fisherman alike.

Check out the video from this adventure!

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