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Crispi Nevada GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot

Crispi Nevada GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot

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The story of the Crispi Nevada GTX goes back over 40 years ago when Alessandro Marcolin started hand constructing Crispi boots. The Nevada has been a staple in Crispi’s lineup ever since. Add the latest cutting edge technology in footwear with the handcrafted precision and comfort we are known for and you get the hands-down best hunting boot on the planet. There is no wonder why the Crispi Nevada GTX Uninsulated hunting boot has withstood the test of time and continues to conquer every mountain it faces.

Brought in by popular demand for 2017, the Nevada GTX Crispi hunting boot is now offered in a non-insulated version.


Why We Love It

  • Super comfortable
  • Great support with Crispi's ABSS (Ankle bone support system)
  • Rugged with the traction you need in the backcountry
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