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Gear & Apparel Patches

Gear & Apparel Patches

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Patches for Outdoor Gear and Apparel

What are NoSo Patches?

Add flair or repair with stylish, easy-to-apply patches designed to be as aggressive and long-lasting as your favorite outdoor gear.

Save Money

Stick to your budget, add flair or repair, don’t buy new. You’ll have more discretionary income to grow your savings.


Our patented manufacturing techniques use high-quality outdoor fabrics with the most aggressive adhesive to create durable, machine-washable, permanent patches.


Express yourself. Our designers and artists sketch patterns to provide our customers with the coolest + DIY statement patches ever.

The NoSo Story

In 2015, our founder Kelli Jones hopped a barbed-wire fence while she was hunting and ripped her brand-new $400 Patagonia Fitz Roy down parka. The only thing she could find to repair it was a piece of duct tape, but didn’t like the way it looked. Nylon gear rips all the time, and she had a lot of tears in her clothes, so she sourced materials online to cut into heart and star patches. In the tram line at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, people kept asking about them. In August 2016, NoSo Patches successfully launched on Indiegogo. Currently, NoSo Patches are carried in over 500 specialty stores in over 10 countries, and we’ve received thousands of orders from around the world.

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