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MEAT! 1HP Grinder #22

MEAT! 1HP Grinder #22

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Gather friends, family, and neighbors for a full-on MEAT! fest. This grinder's powerful 1 HP motor spits out 11 to 14 lbs of ground meat per minute and comes with coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates and stuffing horns to handle all kinds of meat. It also includes a handy accessory tray for easy organization. It's the perfect companion to the MEAT! foot pedal switch.

Our Take

This grinder made quick work of grinding up over 50 pounds of meat this year.

It was incredibly easy to set up and use and cleanup was a breeze as well. We did a double grind on everything and using both included plates resulted in PERFECT ground meat that looks better than what you get at the grocery store!

My only recommendation would be to seriously consider the dual grinder version if your budget allows. This would enable you to do the double grind in ONE SINGLE PASS, saving time and keeping meat colder through the entire process.

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